Taking your strategy OKRs to the next level

Case-studies by senior leaders from diverse industries
The OKR Consortium, in partnership with the Liminal, is organizing a special gathering of senior Strategy and Product professionals in Amsterdam. Esteemed industry leaders from renowned companies like Booking.com, JET, Adidas, and Aldi Süd will come together to share their insightful Strategy OKR case studies and discuss the latest trends in OKR implementation.During the event, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in four informative and engaging presentations, followed by a lively networking session at the vibrant Liminal community space located in the heart of Amsterdam.This exclusive and free event is specifically targeted at senior product managers, group leads, transformation experts, and agile managers. As it is an invite-only occasion, interested participants can request consideration for an invitation by registering through the provided link.
6 September 2023
Amsterdam, Van Diemmenstraat 20-200 at HKN Houthavens
This occasion is made possible through the generous support and hosting of our partners, The LIMINAL, which means there is no cost associated with attending.
Megan’s career has been firmly rooted in the Product-Led world, where she thrived as a Product Manager across a wide range of E-commerce products at companies like adidas and Vodafone Australia. Now, she focuses her expertise on Product Strategy and Planning, guiding teams towards triumph in the face of (almost) any obstacle.
The magic of OKRs and listening to your teams to gain speed to value
Adidas, Director Product Strategy & Planning
Megan Orr
With a background in the energy, FMCG industries, and retail sectors, Victoria possesses extensive experience as a product owner, project, program manager and co-founder of OKR Consortium.
Victoria's mission centers around assisting organizations in achieving arowth and reaching their obiectives by implementing efficient goal-setting practices and ensuring seamless strategy alignment.
Demystifying Company Strategy: Empowering Product Teams to Prioritize Value Delivery through OKRs
Product Strategy & Operations Lead at Aldi Süd, Co-founder OKR Consortium
Victoria Sheer
Hyesung Lim is a Senior Group Product Manager at Just Eat Takeaway.com (JET), leading Global Partner Personalisation with dynamic leadership and extensive industry expertise. She will share her approach in translating fancy OKR descriptions into practical implementation
Beyond the Buzzwords: Turning Vague Descriptions into Measurable Success with OKRs
Senior Group Product Manager at JET
Hyesung Lim
Managing Data-as-a-Product, Omar is a Senior Product Manager with over a decade of notable experience building great tech products around the world for the likes of Booking.com and Delivery Hero among others. Omar has also lent his talents to others as a Product Mentor, Speaker and Evangelist at different conferences, platforms and educational institutions
Strategy Design for Managing Data-as-a-Product
Senior Product Manager at Booking.com
Omar H. Salam
Arrival into the Space
Start of the Presentation
Event Close