OKR Consortium Partnership

As a leading OKR accreditation and certification body we would like to OKR Consortium partnership program that offers a great opportunity for our partners to acquire a license for OKR Consortium training materials, conduct certified OKR training programs independently, and certify the required number of practitioners or executives in your organization or for third parties.
For whom?
  • Experienced OKR coaches who are working in external, in-house consulting or freelance
  • Experienced Agile Coaches and RTEs who would like to enter the OKR field
  • Consulting and Training companies that want to extend their expertise into OKRs
  • OKR Program and Project leads
What do we offer?
  • License to provide the world recognized OKR Consortium certified training and students certification incl. Credly badges
  • Train the trainer courses with OKR Consortium coaches and ongoing mentoring support
  • Access to OKR consortium up-to-date teaching materials created accredited by Ben Lamorte with the recent OKR trends
  • OKR coaches partner community with regular events
  • Inclusion in certified OKR Consortium Trainers list on our website
Partnering with OKR Consortium is an excellent investment in your organization's success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you train your team and achieve your OKR goals
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