AI Supercharges OKRs: Explore 5 Game-Changing Use Cases

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There is no surprize anymore that chatGPT can help with a lot of daily tasks and even POs, while being more creative role, found some use cases to apply it: from user story creation to the whole discovery cycle assistance. That lead me thinking, what kind of use cases chatGPT could assist in OKR context. I found a lot and already adopted them in my OKR team coaching, let me share some of them with you.
1. ChatGPT can engage in interactive conversations with users, guiding them through the process of setting objectives and key results. For instance, users can provide their high-level objectives, and ChatGPT can prompt them with questions to help them clarify and refine their objectives. This makes the process of creation OKRs way faster and clear, it is like working with an OKR coach, just for free. It can ask about the desired outcomes, potential metrics, and timeframes to assist in creating specific and actionable key results.
User: "I want to set objectives for my marketing team."
ChatGPT: "Great! What are the primary outcomes you want to achieve through your marketing efforts?"
User: "Increase brand awareness and drive website traffic."
ChatGPT: "Excellent! Let's dive deeper into these objectives. How would you measure brand awareness, and what specific targets would you like to set?"
And so on, engaging in a conversation with chatGPT could ultimately lead you to full OKR set.
2. ChatGPT can offer practical advice and examples based on its extensive knowledge base. It can provide guidelines on creating well-defined OKRs and suggest effective strategies for crafting key results that are ambitious yet attainable. Additionally, it can share success stories and case studies of organizations that have effectively implemented OKRs.
User: Please help me with some ideas for Customer Service OKRs
ChatGPT: Certainly! Here are some ideas for Customer Service OKRs:
  • Objective: Improve customer satisfaction ratings
  • Key Result 1: Achieve a minimum customer satisfaction score of 90% on post-interaction surveys.
  • Key Result 2: Reduce average response time to customer inquiries by 20%.
  • Key Result 3: Decrease the number of customer escalations by 15% through effective issue resolution.
Obviously, just taking OKRs from chatGPT won’t work. Because you need to concentrate on your organisation’s focus and current existing problems. But it certainly can give some inspirations and metrics to take into consideration.
3. More inspiration you could get from ChatGPT by providing it with your company goals and strategies asking to assist in aligning OKRs accordingly. By understanding the context and desired outcomes, ChatGPT can suggest objectives and key results that could directly contribute to the overarching strategy.
User: "Our company aims to expand into new markets. How can I align my team's OKRs with this goal?"
ChatGPT: "To align with the company's expansion goal, you could consider setting an objective like 'Enter two new markets by the end of the year.' Then, your team's key results could involve market research, competitor analysis, and customer segmentation specific to those target markets."
4. ChatGPT can facilitate brainstorming sessions by asking thought-provoking questions and suggesting potential key results. It can help teams consider alternative approaches and generate a wide range of ideas for key results that can drive progress and contribute to the achievement of objectives. Here you could also already give ChatGPT some constraints you might have to get more tot he point ideas.
User: " We're looking for innovative ideas to drive customer engagement. Can you help us brainstorm? We have only 5000 euro available for this quarter and we want to concentrate on German market.“
ChatGPT: " Certainly! Here are some innovative ideas to drive customer engagement in the German market with a budget of 5000 euros for the quarter:
  • Organize an engaging virtual event or webinar focused on topics of interest to your target audience in Germany. Invite industry experts or thought leaders as speakers to attract participants.
  • Promote the event through targeted online advertising, social media, and email marketing to reach your German customer base.
Host a virtual event or webinar:
  • Develop short, attention-grabbing videos in German that highlight your products, demonstrate their usage, or share customer success stories.
  • Optimize the videos for social media platforms and leverage popular German video-sharing platforms such as YouTube or TikTok.
  • Consider partnering with German influencers or micro-influencers to create sponsored content featuring your products or services.“
Create engaging video content:
You could explore those ideas further, select some and write OKRs based on those.
5. ChatGPT could become a virtual assistant for your team collaboration. First you need to establish a dedicated workspace or channel where teams can collaborate and share their OKRs. This could be a project management tool, a communication platform, or a shared document. Afterwards introduce ChatGPT as a virtual facilitator: Introduce ChatGPT as a virtual assistant or facilitator within the centralized platform. ChatGPT can provide guidance, ask questions, and facilitate discussions around OKRs.
These are use cases that can get you started. I recommend before using ChatGPT for any use case including OKR is to get an understanding of the topic yourself. I usually challenge ChatGPT by saying what I think it did wrong and ask to refine the prompt, and its answer is „You're right, let's make the OKRs more measurable and concrete. Here's an updated version.“
If you haven’t tried it yet, I encourage you to try at least one of the use cases above, having a free AI-powered work assistant with the vast knowledge of the internet at its disposal can be a game-changer.
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