Sharper Strategic OKRs: Selecting the Right Objectives

Certified OKR Coach, ICF Coach, Product Coach and Transformation Consultant
Sharper Strategic OKRs: Selecting the Right Objectives
Selecting the right Objectives is a critical first step in crafting impactful Strategic OKRs.

Here's a powerful framework to refine your objective selection process:

Yearly Rhythm & Focus
  • Integrate OKR setting into your annual strategic cycle for seamless alignment.
  • Define clear, ambitious Objectives before assigning Key Results. Brainstorming is a springboard, but a deeper analysis is key.

The Objective Assessment Framework
Evaluate each potential Objective against these five crucial criteria:
  1. Market Alignment: Does it capitalize on current market trends and growth areas?
  2. Financial Feasibility: Does it support your financial model's projections for the next three years?
  3. SWOT Synergy: Does it leverage your strengths and address weaknesses identified in your SWOT analysis?
  4. Resource Investment: Can you allocate the necessary resources (R&D, Marketing, Sales) to achieve this Objective?
  5. Measurable Impact: Can you define clear Key Results to translate the Objective into measurable outcomes?

By systematically considering these factors, you can select Objectives with a higher likelihood of driving success and achieving your overall strategic goals.

Attached you'll find a template to guide you through the objective selection process, along with an example to illustrate its application. Utilize this framework to craft strategic OKRs that propel your business forward.
Download the Objective Assessment

Download the Objective Assessment