The author of "The OKRs Field Book", A Step-by-Step Guide for Objectives and Key Results Coaches.
OKR is undoubtedly a subject where templates and frameworks offer significant benefits to the coaches. They can make use of various templates that consolidate the collective experiences of numerous OKR coaches into a single framework, which can be employed during trainings and workshops. Our aim at the OKR Consortium is to establish a knowledge base comprising validated tools and techniques that have been tried and tested by our coaches in practical settings.

Today, we would like to share a Team OKR Drafting template with you that serves the purpose of documenting finalized team OKRs, which can then be stored and shared with other teams. Each frame within the OKR Drafting template should be dedicated to an individual objective, while it is possible for a team to have multiple objectives.

What we find particularly valuable about this Team OKR Deafting template is that, in addition to the conventional Objectives and Key Results, it provides an overview of the objective's motivation ("Why now?"). Usually, it is challenging to encapsulate all the necessary motivation within the objective itself. Therefore, the ability to succinctly express the importance of the objective in a single sentence is greatly appreciated by teams and OKR coaches.

Furthermore, the template incorporates the team's mission and an alignment check, ensuring the necessary context is provided, especially for other teams with whom the template will be shared and the organisation as a whole.
Download the Team OKR Drafting Template

Download Team OKR Drafting Template