At AgileSkills, our vision is to optimally support our clients in their digital and agile transformation, and on their way into the future! We believe in the creative power and vision of agile business and development processes. Flat hierarchies and fast decision-making are an essential part of this. We support our clients to make ideal use of agile methods and frameworks in their context to achieve sustainable change and success!


Core Services:

Agile Coaching and Consulting

We focus on lightweight agile implementations across all industries. We help our clients to identify the suitable frameworks and tools to improve delivery capabilities, speed, and delivery. We do that through application of Scrum, Kanban, and OKRs, each in their specific contexts and use cases. We use Scrum to help our clients structure their delivery process in a product driven way. Kanban is our weapon of choice, whenever we want to optimize flow within existing value streams. With OKRs, we help our clients to align their different products and value streams across their organizations through setting of meaningful business goals.

Agile Training Programs

We believe, that adoption of agile methods and frameworks can only succeed, when all involved employees have the relevant method knowledge and background. Therefore, we offer public and in-house trainings for Kanban from Kanban University, and Objectives and Key Results from OKR Consortium. In our in-house trainings, we focus on real-life use cases of participants, which helps them to adopt learned principles and practices quickly into their day-to-day business context.
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