evitive is a boutique advisory and services provider specialising in strategy, transformation, innovation and corporate venturing. Competing well is no longer enough in today’s economy: smart organisations serve a meaningful purpose, lead by example, set the rules and evolve into game-changers.


Core Services:
Innovation & Transformation Strategy:
Discover how evitive induces, delivers, and fine-tunes actionable strategies to propel your organization forward.
Innovation & Transformation Portfolio:
Explore evitive's approach to composing, growing, and fine-tuning a balanced portfolio to drive innovation and transformation.
Innovation & Transformation Governance:
Learn about evitive's strategies for establishing fit-for-purpose governance structures to support innovation initiatives.
Entrepreneurship & Leadership:
Uncover how evitive fosters entrepreneurship, leadership, and business agility within organizations.
Team Composition & Growth:
Dive into evitive's methodologies for composing and growing high-performance teams that drive results.
Value Networks:
Explore evitive's strategies for orchestrating, leveraging, and enhancing value networks for maximum impact.
Corporate Innovation & Venture Building:
Discover how evitive architects, implements, and leads corporate innovation and venture building initiatives from inception to exit.
Post-conventional Lean-Agile Patterns:
Explore innovative Lean-Agile patterns with evitive to stay ahead in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.
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Discover a wide range of other services offered by evitive.net to optimize and develop businesses.
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