KEGON Schweiz GmbH, a distinguished leader in organizational development. KEGON Schweiz GmbH specializes in strategic management consulting, agile coaching, and training. The name "KEGON" derives inspiration from the Japanese school of Buddhism, Kegon-shū, symbolizing the profound impact each individual has on shaping a complex organization through their role and distinctive qualities. This underscores their commitment to guiding and supporting clients on a path of responsible action in our interconnected world.

KEGON Schweiz GmbH

Core Services:
The core service of Kegon Schweiz GmbH is coaching, and they emphasize a unique approach that sets them apart. Instead of employing large teams of consultants for extended periods, Kegon focuses on coaching interventions that are highly targeted to help clients achieve significant impact quickly. They aim to empower their clients to make necessary changes in their organizations without prolonged reliance on consultants.
Training Portfolio
Kegon Schweiz GmbH offers a comprehensive training portfolio. Notably, they are now providing exclusive onsite OKR (Objectives and Key Results) courses in Zurich, Switzerland. This presents a remarkable opportunity for OKR enthusiasts to enhance their knowledge and skills in this strategic framework. The training is designed to provide valuable insights and practical tools for organizations looking to implement OKRs effectively.
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We are thrilled to announce this partnership between OKR Consortium and Kegon Schweiz GmbH, and we eagerly anticipate embarking on a collaborative journey towards achieving greater agility and success together.