ORTALEX, situated at the forefront of an international network, comprises seasoned professionals dedicated to assisting executives and founders in the profound transformation of both their organizations and lives. Through a strategic networking approach, ORTALEX ensures the presence of only the experts essential for your specific needs.


Core Services:
Organisational Health (OR)
Recognizing the intrinsic value of a trusted advisor, ORTALEX's Organisational Health practice focuses on the intricate combination of skills and capabilities delivered to clients in a contextualized manner. Aligned with the principles endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), ORTALEX distinguishes between organizational design and development, offering expertise in refining operating models, structures, frameworks, systems, and metrics. The Organisational Health practice plays a pivotal role in enhancing clients' organizational capabilities and maturity through a profound understanding of behavioral science.
Talent Assessment (TAL)
Acknowledging the growing scarcity of talent, ORTALEX's Talent Assessment practice addresses the misconception and potential inefficiencies in the field. As experts, they are committed to providing clients with cutting-edge, modern research, allowing them to assemble the most effective toolkits available in the market. Through strong partnerships with international vendors, the Talent Assessment practice offers a diverse range of tools tailored to each unique demand. Whether identifying potential capabilities or assessing the alignment of individuals with their roles, the TAL practice stands ready to assist clients in optimizing their human resources.
Executive Search (EX)
ORTALEX's Executive Search practice plays a vital role in placing senior executives and management teams, particularly during organizational transformations, business launches, rapid growth phases, or expansions into new geographies or segments. The practice collaborates closely with management, boards, institutional and individual investors, and other stakeholders to maximize business performance and enhance shareholder value. Thorough studies of clients' strategies, products, markets, competition, and ecosystems inform the search process, ensuring outstanding results. Leveraging cutting-edge assessment tools, the Executive Search practice guarantees that selected candidates not only meet professional criteria but also seamlessly integrate with clients' organizational cultures.
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