OKR Consortium Zurich Onsite: Empowering Organizational Transformation

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Join us for a remarkable gathering, presented in collaboration with Kegon and evitive, where industry leaders and practitioners converge to explore the influential impact of OKRs on organizational success and cultural transformation. Dive into enriching discussions, draw inspiration from real-world case studies, and expand your network with fellow professionals. This event promises to deepen your understanding of OKRs' role in driving change and fostering triumph within organizations. Reserve your seat now to be part of this insightful journey.
18 June 2024
Fernfachhochschule Schweiz (FFHS), Zollstrasse 17, 8005 Zürich
18:00 - 20:00 (CEST)
Attendance is completely free, and drinks and finger food will be provided!
As Head of People and Culture Development, Cornelia Schranz is responsible for human resources and organizational development at the ZFV-Unternehmungen cooperative. The company has been working with OKR since 2021 and uses this process as the sole goal-setting process in the entire company.
Cornelia Schranz
OKR as Catalyst for Cultural Transformation
In gastronomy and hotel businesses, strong hierarchical structures have shaped the leadership culture for years. In order to remain an attractive industry for employees in the future, new value systems–especially in the realm of leadership–are being established within companies. Cornelia demonstrates, through a practical example, the impact OKRs can have on cultural transformation, the opportunities that OKRs can present for companies, and the lessons learned after four years of implementing OKRs.
Claudia Weber is CX Design Lead at Migros Online (formerly: Comparis, NZZ, siroop)
Claudia Weber
Practical Insights into Combining OKRs with Other Frameworks for Optimal Alignment
At Migros Online, OKRs are an integral part of digital product development. However, in daily work, OKRs are often combined with other frameworks (such as Metric Tree, Opportunity Solution Tree) to better understand complex relationships, create focus, and ensure alignment across cross-functional teams. The overarching goal of this entire framework landscape is to strengthen the outcome orientation of each individual employee–and thereby that of the entire company.
Of course, frameworks alone are not sufficient for this, but it requires, as a basis, an agile mindset, cultural change, and strong collaboration between various teams and departments. Claudia's presentation illustrates how all these aspects come together at Migros Online, what has proven successful, and what challenges need to be overcome.
Rouven Leuener is a results-oriented and customer-focused senior executive with more than 15 years of experience in product management, product development and marketing. Rouven has successfully built digital ecosystems across various industries and developed or transformed the business model in each case - including in senior positions at NZZ, Comparis and radicant bank AG.
Rouven Leuener
Real-world Examples of Outcome-driven Organizational Approaches
Many companies still focus today on generating output, such as introducing new features or completing a project. However, this output says little about the desired value for the customer or the company, which is measured in metrics like revenue, customer numbers, or engagement. The transition from output to outcome is challenging and demanding, requiring, among other things, a changed mindset, data-driven decisions, or the creation of sometimes uncomfortable transparency.
Once this path is taken, however, it is of great significance because it not only enables the effective use of limited resources and the measurement of implementation towards the outcome, but also creates the opportunity to leverage the generated learning effects for the next iteration–thus generating further value. Using practical examples, Rouven illustrates which fundamentals, frameworks, organisational forms, and mindsets can be applied to orient an organisation towards outcomes.
Bettina Werren is Head of Human Resources Development and Training at Swiss Radio and Television SRF and has been responsible for the topic of «Lean-Agile Leadership» since 2020.
Bettina Werren
Bettina Werren is Head of Human Resources Development and Training at Swiss Radio and Television SRF and has been responsible for the topic of «Lean-Agile Leadership» since 2020.
Bettina provides insights into the structure of the lean-agile leadership system «AFS», which emerged from the topics «Change & Cultural Transformation», «Agility@SRF» and «Leadership@SRF» and aims to support leadership work under VUCA / BANI conditions and to foster business agility as an organisational capability.
«AFS» follows a systemic leadership and development approach and spans the perspectives of «mindset», «skillset» and «toolset». In this context, Objectives & Key Results in close connection with Lean(-Agile) Portfolio Management and Value Stream Management play a central role.
In her presentation, Bettina explains the role and importance of OKR in «AFS», what understanding of OKR the leaders involved have gained so far, what the coupling with other practices looks like and how the initial understanding and implementation challenges were gradually overcome.
AFS» is the SRF-specific adaptation of beyond®, a carefully curated collection of (mutually) effective patterns for leading, governing, designing, and developing companies and organisations in times of high complexity and uncertainty.
The presentation will be held in German.
Lean-Agile Leadership with OKR
Case Studies:
The meet up will feature four in-depth case studies showcasing real-world applications of OKRs across different industries and organizational sizes. These case studies will highlight the challenges faced, strategies implemented, and outcomes achieved through the adoption of OKRs.
Networking opportunities will be available throughout the event, providing attendees with the chance to connect, share experiences, and learn from one another. Whether you're an OKR enthusiast, a seasoned practitioner, or simply curious about organizational transformation, this event offers a platform for meaningful interactions and knowledge exchange.
Seats are limited, please book your spot:
Join us for an evening of inspiration, learning, and networking as we delve into the power of OKRs in driving organizational excellence and fostering positive change.
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